Biden Submits War Powers Resolution Report on U.S. Embassy Security Support in Haiti

Matt Gluck
Thursday, March 14, 2024, 8:19 PM
The president said the forces would remain in Haiti as required by security conditions.

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On March 14, President Biden submitted a report “consistent with the War Powers Resolution” notifying Congress of the deployment of U.S. military forces to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to support the security of the U.S. Embassy. Biden noted that “there remain heightened security concerns for the United States Embassy and its supporting facilities in Port-au-Prince.” The report describes the deployment as a “precautionary measure” that will remain in place as necessitated by the security situation. 

President Biden cited his Article II power as the authority for this deployment of forces. 

You can read the report here or below.

Dear Mr. Speaker:   (Dear Madam President:)

While some positive efforts have been made to resolve the instability in Haiti, there remain heightened security concerns for the United States Embassy and its supporting facilities in Port-au-Prince.  To protect United States diplomatic personnel and diplomatic facilities, on March 12, 2024, at my direction, a security force of military personnel deployed to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to strengthen United States Embassy security.  Although this military security force is equipped for combat, its movement was undertaken as a precautionary measure solely for the purpose of protecting United States diplomatic facilities and diplomatic personnel.  The United States Armed Forces personnel are anticipated to remain in Haiti for as long as the security environment requires.

I directed this action consistent with my responsibility to protect United States diplomatic missions abroad and in furtherance of United States national security and foreign policy interests, pursuant to my constitutional authority as Commander in Chief and Chief Executive and to conduct United States foreign relations.

I am providing this report as part of my efforts to keep the Congress fully informed, consistent with the War Powers Resolution (Public Law 93-148).  I appreciate the support of the Congress in this action.



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