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ChinaTalk: Bo Xilai and How Xi Learned from the Chongqing Model

Jordan Schneider
Monday, April 19, 2021, 8:58 AM

Published by The Lawfare Institute
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What was the Chongqing Model and why does it still matter?

Yueran Zhang, a PhD student in sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, discusses. We talk about how Bo Xilai utilized mass mobilization against his enemies in the central government and China’s labor movements, and the significance of the 2018 Jasic protests.

Zhang’s two recent articles for the Made In China journal, “The Chongqing Model One Decade On” and “Leninists in a Chinese Factory: Reflections on the Jasic Labour Organizing Strategy,” serve as the basis for today’s episode.

Outtro music: some pro-Bo Xilai song written in 2009 to commemorate him taking on gangs (full story here:

While this song is hilarious, I couldn't find a good recording and didn't want to you have to listen to the whole thing. Also thought it would be funny to pair this with folks who idolize gangsters...

Outtro music #2: GOSH Music 2020 cypher (the biggest Chongqing hip hop collective)

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