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ChinaTalk: Is a Chinese Financial Crisis Looming?

Jordan Schneider
Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 2:08 PM

Published by The Lawfare Institute
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The Chinese economy is perhaps the world's only economic bright spot. So that means we can stop worrying about a financial crisis, right?

Think again, according to Lauren Gloudeman and Logan Wright of the Rhodium Group, who join to discuss their new paper mapping out the weak points in China's financial system.

That this report is a follow-up to Logan's 2018 paper entitled Credit and Credibility. Our past show on the topic you can find here on Apple Podcasts and here on Spotify.

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Jordan Schneider is the host of the ChinaTalk podcast and newsletter. He previously worked at Kwai, Bridgewater and the Eurasia Group. His Chinese landscape paintings "show promise."

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