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ChinaTalk: CHIPS Act + The Future of Microelectronics

Jordan Schneider
Monday, August 15, 2022, 12:40 PM

Jordan Schneider sat down with Eric Breckenfeld and Hassan Khan to discuss the 'National Semiconductor Technology Center' created by the Chips and Science Act and what its potential impact will be on the future of microelectronics.

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A few weeks back, Congress actually did something, passing the Chips and Science Act. Most of you have probably heard of the billions going toward subsidizing domestic manufacturing, but a far less-heralded part of the bill may end up matting more in the long run. The Act created the ‘National Semiconductor Technology Center.’ What is it and why does it matter?
To discuss, Eric Breckenfeld of the Semiconductor Industry Association and Hassan Khan, who holds a PhD in engineering and public policy, join the show.
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Jordan Schneider is the host of the ChinaTalk podcast and newsletter. He previously worked at Kwai, Bridgewater and the Eurasia Group. His Chinese landscape paintings "show promise."

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