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Fault Lines: Deepfakes and China at the UN

Lester Munson
Friday, February 5, 2021, 1:53 PM

The latest episode of Fault Lines

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Fault Lines welcomes multiple NSI authors for conversations about their recent publications. First, Les talks with NSI Visiting Fellow Matthew Ferraro about his backgrounder entitled Decoding Deepfakes. After that, NSI has a conversation with NSI Visiting Fellow Vince Vitkowsky and Rachida Mecheri on their Law and Policy Paper entitled Responding to China at the United Nations. Should we be worried about more fake media? How is China pushing its agenda at the United Nations? How can the United States and its allies take on these twin challenges? Les explores these questions and more on this week’s Fault Lines.

Lester Munson is Vice President, International at BGR Group, a leading government relations firm in Washington, D.C., where he consults with foreign governments, corporations, and advocacy groups. Lester joined BGR Group after a 26-year career on Capitol Hill and in the Executive Branch. He was most recently Staff Director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He also serves as adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University and as a principal on the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network.

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