Joint Declaration for the "Future of the Internet"

Alvaro Marañon
Thursday, April 28, 2022, 11:47 AM

More than 50 democratic countries and partners launched their unified commitment towards promoting an open, global internet for all.

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On April 28, the United States and more than 60 global partners announced the “Declaration for the Future of the Internet” in response to the “trend of rising digital authoritarianism.” The declaration is a “political commitment among Declaration partners” to promote a more positive vision for the internet and technology. 

The declaration reaffirms the goal of having an open and free internet and outlines several principles that include “commitments to: Protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of all people; Promote a global internet that advances the free flow of information; Advances inclusive and affordable connectivity…”.

You can read the declaration here or below. 


Alvaro Marañon is a former fellow in Cybersecurity Law at Lawfare. Alvaro is a graduate from the American University Washington College of Law and the University of New Hampshire.

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