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Justice Department Files Joint Discovery Report in Classified Documents Case

Hyemin Han
Thursday, September 14, 2023, 9:29 PM
The joint discovery report filed pursuant to the Court's July 21, 2023 order states that the government has provided over one million pages of unclassified discovery so far.

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On Sept. 14, the Justice Department filed a joint discovery report with the defendants in the classified documents case in the Southern District of Florida. According to special counsel Jack Smith, the government has given five productions of unclassified discovery to the defense, totaling about 1.28 million pages, and approximately 5 years-worth of CCTV footage. (The defendants contend that the footage totals over 3,700 days, or over 10 years.) The filing states that the defendants have yet to produce any discovery.

The filing reports that the government also made its first production of classified discovery to the defense yesterday, Sept. 13.

You can read today's filing here or below:

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