A Note on Commissions Coverage

Wells Bennett
Thursday, July 12, 2012, 2:46 PM
Just in time for next week's motions hearing in United States v.

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Just in time for next week's motions hearing in United States v. Al-Nashiri: an experimental tweak to the blog's military commissions coverage.  We at Lawfare aim to please, as you know, and some readers have critiqued our blow-by-blow, he-said-she-aid style of almost-live-blogging the commissions hearings.  Those comments got us thinking about alternative approaches.  And we're going to try something different this time around, in the hope of optimizing our commissions reporting.    Next week, look for less of our traditional, neurotically detailed format.  Instead, we'll offer up continuous though bare-bones updates about what's transpiring in the courtroom.  We'll supplement these posts with a few more "high altitude" pieces - analyses of what happened, predictions about which party will or will not win an argument, and so forth.    So please tune in at 9 a.m. on Tuesday - and once we've finished the test run, do let us know what you think.

Wells C. Bennett was Managing Editor of Lawfare and a Fellow in National Security Law at the Brookings Institution. Before coming to Brookings, he was an Associate at Arnold & Porter LLP.

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