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Ritika Singh
Friday, March 30, 2012, 8:54 PM
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As Ben wrote this morning, Osama bin Laden's wife has spilled at least some of the beans to Pakistani police, reports a New York Times story.  CNN reports, meanwhile, that Pakistan has "fired a doctor who helped the CIA to hunt Osama bin Laden." The Washington Post has a horrifying account of an Afghan police officer who drugged and shot nine of his colleagues as they slept, and then "fled in a government vehicle full of guns and ammunition." Commentary on the Toulouse tragedy continues. The Times says the shooter's path to radicalism remains "a bitter puzzle." Meanwhile, the Times also reports that French special forces "raided localities in several parts of the country and detained 17 people described as Islamic militants." The Washington Post has the story, as does the Associated Press. And President Nicholas Sarkozy has vowed to ban hard-line Muslim clerics from entering France, reports Bloomberg News. In related news, the AP says that the recent atrocity in France and the mass murders in Norway last year "are raising fears across Europe that a growing climate of ethnic and religious hostility is inspiring extremist violence--and creating the conditions for deadly clashes." Turns out journalists don't like the NDAA either. Reuters reports that "activists and journalists are suing the government to try to stop implementation of the law's provisions of indefinite detention for those deemed to have 'substantially supported' al Qaeda and the Taliban and 'associated forces.'" As Bobby described yesterday, here is the Detroit Free Press on the verdict of the Hutaree militia trial. The AP has more of the scoop. And if you've ever suspected that what is missing from your life might just be x-rays of fish, check out the Washington Post for today's Moment of Particularly Beautiful Zen.

Ritika Singh was a project coordinator at the Brookings Institution where she focused on national security law and policy. She graduated with majors in International Affairs and Government from Skidmore College in 2011, and wrote her thesis on Russia’s energy agenda in Europe and its strategic implications for America.

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