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Defense Dept. Releases 2023 Cyber Strategy Summary

Eugenia Lostri
Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 4:41 PM

The unclassified document presents the overarching priorities of the department’s 2023 Cyber Strategy.

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On Sept. 12, the Department of Defense released an unclassified summary of the classified 2023 Defense Department Cyber Strategy, which was sent to Congress in May (an unclassified fact sheet was released on May 26). The fourth iteration of the department’s strategy “is operationalizing the priorities of the 2022 National Security Strategy, 2022 National Defense Strategy, and the 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy.”  It supersedes the 2018 Defense Department Cyber Strategy and is intended to “set a new strategic direction for the Department.”

The strategy outlines four lines of effort: 1) defend the nation; 2) prepare to fight and win the nation’s wars; 3) protect the cyber domain with allies and partners; and 4) build enduring advantages in cyberspace. The strategy is “limited to the cyber domain,” and, according to the department, “does not establish policy for the Department's operations in the information environment.”

You can read the unclassified summary here or below:

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