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The Bulwark Podcast: The Power of Whataboutism

Benjamin Wittes, Charlie Sykes
Thursday, July 27, 2023, 5:37 PM
Benjamin Wittes joined the Bulwark's Charlie Sykes for an episode of The Trump Trials.

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Republicans are going to launch an impeachment inquiry against Biden to divert attention from the crimes of the ex-POTUS, Rudy is an admitted defamer, and Trump's lawyers met with Jack Smith. Plus, deciphering the screw-up around Hunter's plea deal. Lawfare's Ben Wittes joins Charlie Sykes for The Trump Trials

Show Notes:

Benjamin Wittes is editor in chief of Lawfare and a Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution. He is the author of several books.
Charles Jay Sykes is an American political commentator who is currently editor-in-chief of the website The Bulwark.

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