An Empirical Look at the Facebook Oversight Board

One helpful way to monitor the Oversight Board’s activity is by taking a look at some data. There’s Empirical SCOTUS, so we figured we’d try to create our version of Empirical FOB. Below, we’ve compiled data and charts about what the FOB has been up to, as well as Facebook’s responses.

The Basics:

  • Number of cases that have made it on the FOB's docket: 37
  • Mooted cases: 1
  • Withdrawn cases: 1
  • Cases decided by the FOB: 28 (Not including 1 mooted)
  • Number of cases concerning Facebook content: 28
  • Number of cases concerning Instagram content: 10
  • Number of cases stemming from user appeal: 28
  • Number of cases stemming from Meta referral: 9

FOB Blog Case Tracker:

Data Visualization: