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Department of Homeland Security Releases 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment

Caleb Benjamin
Friday, September 15, 2023, 12:50 PM
The document details the threats that the Department has identified for the next year.

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On Sept. 14, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) released the 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment (HTA). The annual report lays out for the public the most pressing threats facing the U.S. in the coming year. The Department categorizes the major threats in four categories: public safety and security, border and immigration security, critical infrastructure security, and threats to economic security.

The HTA asserts that illegal drugs produced in Mexico and sold in the U.S. will kill the most individuals, more than any other threat. The primary terrorist threat will continue to be individuals radicalized in the U.S. and acting alone or in small groups. Critical infrastructure will remain a target of adversaries; the 2024 election cycle could be a primary target for possible violence and foreign influence. And concerning economic security, the report focuses on China, stating that it will continue to use predatory economic practices to disadvantage American firms and industries.

On Sept. 19, Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution will host an event with Homeland Security Under Secretary for I&A Kenneth Wainstein to discuss the U.S.’s evolving threat environment and the government's responses to it. He will then be joined in discussion by Lawfare Editor in Chief and Governance Studies Senior Fellow Benjamin Wittes. To learn more or register to attend this event in-person or online, click here.

You can read the 2024 HTA here or below:

Caleb Benjamin was Lawfare's fall 2023 editorial intern. He holds a B.A. with high honors in government from Dartmouth College.

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