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Anna Salvatore
Thursday, October 22, 2020, 1:49 PM

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The Times reported yesterday that the Trump administration cannot find 545 parents forcibly separated from their children at the U.S.-Mexico border. According to court documents filed this week, the parents are “unreachable” despite wide-ranging search campaigns throughout Mexico and Central America. The Trump administration battled for months last year to avoid disclosing these separations on the ground that the children are no longer in federal custody.

The Supreme Court voted 5-3 last night to allow Alabama officials to ban curbside voting for people with disabilities and coronavirus concerns, writes the Washington Post. The three liberal-leaning justices dissented, with Justice Sotomayor writing, “We should not substitute the district court’s reasonable, record-based findings of fact with our own intuitions about the risks of traditional in-person voting during this pandemic or the ability of willing local officials to implement adequate curbside voting procedures.”

The ultra-orthodox community in Israel is defying public-health restrictions, according to the Wall Street Journal. This week, thousands of Israeli children began attending school and adults resumed studying in yeshivas despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s nationwide order to close schools and businesses.

In Lebanon, a political veteran named Saad Hariri was appointed prime minister today a year after resigning from the post. His appointment dismayed many anti-establishment protestors. CNN notes that Hariri, the son of a former prime minister, faces a country reeling from an economic collapse and a devastating explosion in Beirut this past August.

The European Union has imposed sanctions on the head of Russia’s military intelligence for a cyberattack against the German parliament in 2015, reports Deutsche Welle. “A significant amount of data was stolen and the email accounts of several MPs, as well as of Chancellor Angela Merkel, were affected,” the EU wrote in a statement.

Presidential nominee Joe Biden said in a 60 Minutes interview that if elected, he will establish a bipartisan commission of legal scholars to explore Supreme Court reform, writes the New York Times. Because Biden has hesitated to endorse expanding the Court, he implied that other options– such as setting term limits for justices and removing issues from the Court’s jurisdiction –would be seriously considered by the commission. Biden’s announcement comes as Republican representatives voted today to advance Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court, paving the way for a full Senate vote on Monday.

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