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Undersea Cables, Hyperscalers, and National Security

Richard Salgado
Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 7:00 AM
Improving the resilience and defense of undersea cables must be a national security priority.

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The audacious and costly enterprise of connecting continents by cables that run beneath the oceans has yielded invaluable social and economic benefits. Improving their resilience and defense must be a national security priority. The United States, simply put, lacks a comprehensive government-wide strategy to promote, protect, and secure undersea cables that land on American shores. This essay proposes ways to significantly improve U.S. national security by taking steps that will help the U.S. government, cable suppliers and operators, and the public at large.

You can read the essay here or below:

Richard Salgado was Google’s Director of Law Enforcement and Information Security for 13 years, and a federal prosecutor before that. He teaches at Stanford Law School, and provides consulting services on national security, surveillance, and cybersecurity through Salgado Strategies LLC.

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