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The Week that Was: All of Lawfare in One Post

Elliot Setzer
Saturday, June 13, 2020, 12:31 PM

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Scott Anderson, Emma Broches, Eric Halliday and Julia Solomon-Strauss analyzed the unique relationship between Washington, D.C. and the federal governmen—a relationship which allowed President Trump to deploy national guard troops and federal law enforcement across the capital without the city’s consent.

Steve Vladeck criticized the Justice Department’s explanation for why out-of-state national guard units were in Washington, D.C.

Elliot Setzer shared a complaint filed by three protesters against Trump over the forced clearing of Lafayette Square so the president could attend a photo-op at a nearby church.

Jen Patja Howell shared an episode of Rational Security discussing the police clearing of peaceful protesters from Lafayette Park, as well as the debates about police reform occurring across the country:

Elliot Setzer is a Knight-Hennessy Scholar at Stanford Law School and a Ph.D student at Yale University. He previously worked at Lawfare and the Brookings Institution.

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