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Gordon Ahl
Thursday, November 14, 2019, 1:37 PM

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During Wednesday’s impeachment hearing, Bill Taylor testified about a previously undisclosed July 26 phone call between President Trump and Amb. Gordon Sondland, in which Trump asked about “the investigations” he had sought in Ukraine, reports the Washington Post.

The Democrats announced plans for two additional closed-door depositions as part of the impeachment inquiry, according to The Hill. The requests went to Mark Sandy, an official at the OMB, and David Holmes, the staffer at the U.S. embassy in Kyiv who reportedly overheard the Trump-Sondland call on July 26 that Amb. Taylor revealed yesterday.

The House Intelligence Committee also voted along party lines after the hearing to defeat a motion to subpoena testimony from the whistleblower, reports Reuters.

A federal appeals court on Wednesday let stand an earlier ruling that President Trump’s accounting firm Mazars must turn over eight years of financial records to Congress, reports the New York Times. Jay Sekulow, a lawyer for the president, said Trump would appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited with President Trump and a small group of Republican senators at the White House. CNN reports that Erdogan showed a video casting the Kurds in a negative light during the meeting.

During the meeting with Erdogan, President Trump also declared that “we left troops behind only for the oil” when discussing the continued U.S. mission in Syria, according to Politico. This contradicts past messages from the Pentagon that asserted the primary mission was to defeat the Islamic State.

In Hong Kong, protesters armed with firebombs and bows and arrows have occupied several university campuses, according to the Times. At least four universities already canceled on-campus lectures for the remainder of the semester over safety concerns.

A cease-fire in Gaza between Israel and Islamic Jihad forces appeared to be effective Thursday morning, reports the Associated Press. After two days of fighting, at least 34 Palestinians were killed in the wake of an IDF operation that targeted and killed an Islamic Jihad commander.

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